Sometimes, in an attempt to mask fears, fill emptiness, lessen pain, or avoid guilt, we create emotional and behavioral patterns that can leave us feeling alone and powerless. Our mental health services are designed to help women find freedom from overwhelming anxiety and depression, from co-dependency, and the long-term effects of trauma and destructive patterns. 

Using an integrative approach, you will have the opportunity to explore not only what is happening in the present moment, but how internalized past experiences may hinder current progress. Together, we can develop effective strategies to resolve emotional conflict and achieve peace and contentment.


The cornerstone of positive change begins with having a safe and supportive space in which to explore current feelings and challenges. Services are provided in a supporting and non-judgmental environment aimed at both empowerment and emotional freedom.

Services are exclusive to treating the complex mental health needs of women, particularly in the areas of trauma,  anxiety, depression and self-esteem. Contact our office today to begin your journey toward health and healing.

"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For 

every challenge encountered is an opportunity for growth."


Women's Mental Health Services

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